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Windermere opened at the Clerkenwell Theatre, London in April 2006 as part of a new writing festival, it was well received and played to full houses. It is now moving to the Actors Studio in Liverpool for it's home coming and forms the second play in the Tommy Kearney Season.


Set in Liverpool during the late seventies and eighties. Windermere is a play about a group of kids following their dreams and trying to leave their world on the council estate behind. Ben (Nile) wants to be the new Ian Rush and Robbie pines to be an artist. His sister Jayne (The Duranie) and her mate Lisa (The Spandau Fan), dream of marrying pop stars, while Eric (Pelé) is out ‘on-the-rob’ on the Wirral.

Ben gets a trial for Chester City and Robbie is offered a course at college. Will they both succeed? Or will the events in Windermere change their lives forever?

The Windermere Team.

Directed by: Steve Miller

ROBBIE Simon Brignull ••• BEN Stephen Donald ••• PELÉ Julian Wickham

JAYNE Emma Dallow ••• LISA Victoria Denard ••• Instructor Matt

MRS HARRISON Pearl Marsland

MR MURPHY Howard Corlett ••• MRS MURPHY Jan Hirst


Adam - Paula -Joe- Leanne - Dingo - Mandy - Mark